About us

Our Approach

The Neuroinformatics Research Group builds tools and infrastructure to capture, mine, and share scientific data for the Center for Brain Science and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Our group is committed to open-source software development and releasing high-quality tools such as the Survana platform for secure online survey authoring and delivery. We also support a vast number of open-source projects outside of Harvard as well, including the Extensible Neuroimaging Archive Toolkit (XNAT). Our data sharing initiative has recently produced the Brain Genomics Superstruct Project open data release, one of the largest and most comprehensive neuroimaging data sets to date.

Meet the Team

Randy L. Buckner, Ph.D.

Randy is a Professor at Harvard and Associate Director of the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at MGH. His research develops and applies neuroimaging techniques to explore human memory in health and disease, including promoting tools for managing and sharing data. Before coming to Harvard, Randy was at Washington University in St. Louis where he developed XNAT with the NRG at WUSTL.

Timothy M. O'Keefe
Senior Software Developer/Analyst

As a software developer and manager of the Neuroinformatics Research Group, Tim’s mission is to facilitate scientific discovery by assembling the right infrastructure, the right people, and lots of glue.

James Meickle
Site Reliability Engineer

From continuous integration, to applications monitoring and performance tuning, James is engineering an expansive platform to support the core services and neuroimaging development at Harvard and MGH. James makes sure that our services are stable, performant, and buttery smooth.

Jisoo (Lily) Jeong
Data Analyst

Lily is currently working with the Buckner Lab to streamline cross-platform data delivery and analysis. She plans to pursue a PhD in Computational Science and Engineering.



  • Gabriele Fariello (Head of neuroinformatics)
  • Victor Petrov (Software developer, Survana)
  • Amanda Hartung (Intern from Rochester Institute of Technology, procfaster/fcfaster)
  • Danil Tyulmankov (Intern from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, procfaster)